DJ Master - Dubstep

【免費音樂App】DJ Master - Dubstep-APP點子

If you already have a lot of dj mixer software dj download and dj sound effects with turntable scratch free recording app and you still can’t get enough – we have the solution!

DJ Master - Dubstep music combiner app includes two turntables and simple music pads with Dubstep sound master. You can create your own music with this extremely simple dj mix maker. Even more – you can upload your own DJ sounds and tracks to mix! Besides that every dj deck has one spectrogram and cue button to make marks on the tracks. It also has lots of sound fx (sound effects) so you can edit your tracks in real time! Want to be able to record your own song instantly after you've made your music - do it in one tap - high quality voice recorder is right here - DJ Master - Dubstep!

DJ Master - Dubstep music maker board app:

- Turntable mixer box;

【免費音樂App】DJ Master - Dubstep-APP點子

- High-quality sounding;

- Simple and easy to use;

- Precious deck control;

- Upload your own sounds.

【免費音樂App】DJ Master - Dubstep-APP點子

Enjoy the great combination of DJ Master - Dubstep music creator for a music maniac like you!

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