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DNL Reader Now available on Android !

The DNL eBook Reader for Android is stylish yet simple and powerful eBook and ePub reader built to satisfy your mobile reading experience.

DNL reader supports purchases made from a variety of web sites including DNLeBooks.com, eBookAuthors.com, eBook.biz, LoveeBooks.com and eBookMafia.com. These web sites and hundreds of others supported by the DNL eBook Reader feature eBooks from major publishers and authors around the world.

Customers can purchase from those websites knowing that their purchases will be supported with their very own virtual vault that holds their eBooks in safe custody in case the Android or Windows device fail and they lose their eBooks.

* Please note: The DNL reader for Android will read .DNL2 files which are specifically made for the DNL Android Reader. DNL (version 1) files are made for the Windows and MAC platform.

DNL Reader features include

- Simple and enjoyable navigation

- Intelligent search

【免費書籍App】DNL eBook Reader-APP點子

- Custom bookshelf

- Descriptive bookmarks

【免費書籍App】DNL eBook Reader-APP點子

- Redefined backdrop color

- Night mode

【免費書籍App】DNL eBook Reader-APP點子

- Auto and manual font re size

- Last Read page memory system

【免費書籍App】DNL eBook Reader-APP點子

- Purchase record,

- eBook back up

【免費書籍App】DNL eBook Reader-APP點子

- Auto download and retrieval of eBooks

- Page and chapter recognition

【免費書籍App】DNL eBook Reader-APP點子

- Multi Lingual

- New eBook release notifications

【免費書籍App】DNL eBook Reader-APP點子

- Fully featured shopping cart with thousands of eBooks to choose from

- and much much more

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