DTP Kris Gethin

【免費健康App】DTP Kris Gethin-APP點子

"DTP stands for Dramatic Transformation Principle. It's a combination of reps, weights, and workout techniques that will radically alter your physique. Give Kris four weeks, and he'll give you more muscle. You will get bigger. You will get stronger." Quoted from Bodybuilding.com


【免費健康App】DTP Kris Gethin-APP點子

- Workout TRACKER - Track your weights

【免費健康App】DTP Kris Gethin-APP點子

- Instruction videos by Kris Gethin

【免費健康App】DTP Kris Gethin-APP點子

- Timer to accurately count your rest time

【免費健康App】DTP Kris Gethin-APP點子

- Nutritional and Motivational pages

【免費健康App】DTP Kris Gethin-APP點子

- A check mark was added next to each rep to easier track your progress while working out

【免費健康App】DTP Kris Gethin-APP點子

- Vibration to notify you to move on to the next exercise

【免費健康App】DTP Kris Gethin-APP點子

- New ability to send anonymous feedback in order to improve the app and also to vote for the best feedback

This is an OFFICIAL App controlled and managed by physique-elite and Kris Gethin. This is a free application to facilitate the workout of people (like myself) who are following DTP Kris Gethin. I very much enjoyed and used the information provided by Kris Gethin on Bodybuilding.com website so here is your chance to make great use of it as well.

NOTE: Version 4 of the app will support a weight tracking system. Please stay tuned !

Please feel free to contact me through the app with your valuable feedback, I will try to respond in a reasonable time.

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