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Dual Music Player is little, but strong and efficient music player, this is the advanced player for your android smartphone. You can easily manage music player, volume and tracks too. For Free !

DUAL Music Player is a free Double Music Player application that lets you enjoy two different musics at same time. So if you and your music partner want to hear two different songs simultaneously from a single Phone, you can do it with DUAL Music Player. Must download free android app for music lovers.

New Features :

Plays Two Different Songs (or other Audio Files) simultaneously without interference.

User – friendly design and layouts.

Audio books are supported too.

【免費娛樂App】DUAL Music Player-APP點子

Fast library scan and search function that help you easily find out all the music files.

Familiar Audio Setting Buttons to control & play music as per the preferences of both the listener(s).

Change your music volume for both tracks.

【免費娛樂App】DUAL Music Player-APP點子

Supported Headset.

Browse and play your music playlists, albums, artists, genres.

You can enjoy music anytime and anywhere with DUAL MUSIC PLAYER. Always welcome your suggestion and opinion regarding our application.

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