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【免費健康App】DailyYoga for Butt-APP點子

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Daily Yoga is a comprehensive yoga app providing dynamic yoga classes on mobile phones. Every posture will be demonstrated in step-by-step videos displayed in FULL SCREEN, along with detailed instructions and voice narration. Yoga postures will be shown one by one with a timer to guide you through the whole sequence.

Every session is well arranged by our certified yoga instructors. Accompanied by soft voice guide and graceful background music, you are sure to enjoy your yoga class on mobile.

Daily Yoga for Butt contains altogether 23 carefully chosen yoga asanas with 3 different training durations for well toned buttocks and hips opening. We applied traditional yoga poses from which we also design beneficial variation to enhance the training effect.

【免費健康App】DailyYoga for Butt-APP點子

How does Daily Yoga for Butt prevail?

- For better body shape, this session helps lifting and firming your buttocks,preventing gluteal ptosis while burning extra fats. Through training on a daily basis, you are able to attain the desired well toned shape.

- For health and fitness, Daily Yoga for Butt opens your hips by promoting flexibility of your hip joints. Since inaccurate sedentary habits might cause much discomfort, this session relives and cures muscular tightness and joint pain and sciatica.

- For therapeutic purpose, via sufficient blood supply to your pelvis, it could relive physical and mental stress while improving functionality of the reproductive system for both men and women.

【免費健康App】DailyYoga for Butt-APP點子

Notable Features:

- Dynamic yoga sessions of 10mins, 15mins and 20mins

- Pose library with detailed explanation to each individual posture

- Embedded with voice narration, background music and posture videos

- Smooth flow between each posture

- Global yoga social community

【免費健康App】DailyYoga for Butt-APP點子

- Optional yoga music

【免費健康App】DailyYoga for Butt-APP點子

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