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【免費新聞App】Dainik Dhaka Report-APP點子

The Dainik Dhaka Report is on of the best newspaper in Bangladesh. Strongest panel of Journalists put their hands together to reveal the best out of the facts for the nation.

Get The Dainik Dhaka Report in your hand what ever you do where ever you go. The Android Phone or Tablets of your will give you the flavor of confidence and power of knowledge.

The free version of The Dainik Dhaka Report is menu driven. Any one can enjoy its smooth scrolling, portrait or landscape views and it is highly optimized for faster and quicker movements.

Enjoy the power of information with us.

【免費新聞App】Dainik Dhaka Report-APP點子

【免費新聞App】Dainik Dhaka Report-APP點子

【免費新聞App】Dainik Dhaka Report-APP點子

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