Dance Music Maker

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Dance Music Maker

Looking for some new sound machine app? Great combo of music maker board and drum machine - Dance Music Maker - music paradise app! Only for creative people and music maniac like you! Want to dive into the music ocean and gladden the music maniac inside you! Check this out!

Dance Music Maker is a new way of dance music style creation! Dance Music Maker contains general mixer console, pitch control, panorama volume control. Enjoy this bright and functional music combiner app with lots of dance sound fx (dubstep sound effects): delay, tremolo, reverb, compressor and more! You can control up to each pad, because every pad has a volume indicator and makes music creation even easier.

【免費音樂App】Dance Music Maker-APP點子

Dance Music Maker features:

- Fantastic beats pads set

- High-quality sounding samples

【免費音樂App】Dance Music Maker-APP點子

- Volume and pitch control

Enjoy the original way of music creation with Dance Music Maker app. What are you waiting for? Download and enjoy music now!

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