Days Left

【免費生活App】Days Left-APP點子

Create countdowns to certain dates and keep track of them with Days Left. Start counting down to your birthday, holidays or school examinations!

-Keep track of all your countdowns at a glance

-View detailed countdown information in real-time such as the number of seconds left.

【免費生活App】Days Left-APP點子

-Pin your countdowns to Start as live tiles. You may choose a custom image to display on each tile. Technical limitations apply.

-Capture screenshots of your countdowns.

-Simple, clean user interface

【免費生活App】Days Left-APP點子



【免費生活App】Days Left-APP點子

-Fixed a bug where the paid version displays ads. We sincerely apologize to paid users who have been affected by this issue.


-Added the screenshot feature on the detailed countdown page.

【免費生活App】Days Left-APP點子

-Fixed a bug where the edit screen may turn blank after selecting a photo.

【免費生活App】Days Left-APP點子

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