Dealographer allows you to search for and post information about deals at retail locations. Specifically clearance/overstock/damaged or any other deal that is single store specific and is advertised nowhere other than a high traffic cart or shelf somewhere in the store where the items are bought on a first come, first serve basis.

Find a display TV for 75% off its original sticker price? Fruit that is about to spoil for pennies on the dollar? Damaged items on a clearance rack? Post it to Dealographer connecting someone who would buy that item and the deal. This allows the store to clear inventory faster and the consumer to find deals they would otherwise not know about.

The app displays posts by users on a map, deals show on the map as icons in the location of the store where the poster found the deal. When posting you can enter a time for the deal to stay active, all its specifics and once posted each post can be rated by fellow posters with a 5-star system to allow automatic removal of expired/fake posts or highlight good posts.

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