Debris Field [free]

【免費街機App】Debris Field [free]-APP點子

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【免費街機App】Debris Field [free]-APP點子

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【免費街機App】Debris Field [free]-APP點子

In this post war era everyone is looking for a way to make a living and rebuild.

You have converted a small, four person, short range, armoured vessel for salvage, scooping up debris for sale or refining.

Military grade Kamikaze-drones, guided by an Artificial Intelligence, still roam space but some have been 'tamed' and altered to transport cargo.

'Tamed' Kamy-Dees will not bother others unless they are attacked, in which case they will change back to their old ways and chart a collision course.

There's a lack of law and order throughout, while governments reconstruct their war-scorched territories however Trading Stations offer a degree of calm and safety.

Dock and trade your salvage here but be aware: Trading Stations set their own Sales Tax rates.

Trading Stations are also a place to find temporary employment.

Compensation is paid with Galactic BitCoins, which should be exchanged for Galactic Coins.

Galactic BitCoin rates vary between Trading Stations.

Tender your piloting skills to help pave the way for a more peaceful and ordered environment.


The Confederation Of Trading Stations happily pays Galactic Coins (automatically) to anyone willing to fire upon the debris that clutters our space.

Left and right buttons move your ship.

1, 2 and 3 dot buttons fire weapons.

Dock with a Trading Station when the number under the Docking button says: 0

A Shield Generator can be purchased from a Trading Station but also requires Hydrogel in order to function.

Shield Generators protect you from Drones and enemy weapons but not asteroids or other debris.

This is my first effort at writing an Android game using OpenGL.

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