Debt Free

【免費財經App】Debt Free-APP點子

Want to close your loans faster? Here is a loan tracker app that will keep you motivated to prepay your loan faster and make you "debt free"

This app provides you a graph and a calculation sticky (interest and principal portion of your EMI) for every month and lets you edit the EMI or interest rate to see how it affects your loan


【免費財經App】Debt Free-APP點子

1. Do "what if" analysis by changing the EMI and/or interest rates in the present/future to plan better

【免費財經App】Debt Free-APP點子

2. See the impact of interest rate changes by the bank on your loan tenure

【免費財經App】Debt Free-APP點子

3. Manage multiple loan accounts

This app can be used to track:

【免費財經App】Debt Free-APP點子

1. Housing Loans

【免費財經App】Debt Free-APP點子

2. Personal Loans

【免費財經App】Debt Free-APP點子

3. Car/Bike Loans

NOTE: This app assumes "daily reducing balance" type of loan to calculate the interest portion of the EMI paid every month

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