Decimal <-> Binary Converter

【免費教育App】Decimal <-> Binary Converter-APP點子

This is my first application and I am currently developing it!

IT IS FULLY FUNCTIONAL and i believe it does what every other DEC BIN converter fail to do!

With this you are able to convert a decimal number into binary, including positive and negative numbers

and viceversa you can convert any binary number into a decimal number.

--->Floating points are allowed!!!! (fractional numbers)


The only true Decimal <-> Binary converter

Fractional numbers accepted for free!



【免費教育App】Decimal <-> Binary Converter-APP點子

*Any integer decimal

*Any positive number

*Any negative number

*Any floating point number (ie: 3.25)

*Any negative fractional number (ie: -5.44)

Please do not leave any negative feedback as of now as this only would discourage me,

instead you could email me at and suggest me anything you like :)

Enjoy and please if you find anything wrong or have any suggestions let me know!


【免費教育App】Decimal <-> Binary Converter-APP點子

It requires network permissions because I am a student and I believe free applications are a must for you guys as they are for me. Anyway I like to gain a beer out of my hobby sometimes hence i run a small advert banner which won't really disturb you :)


【免費教育App】Decimal <-> Binary Converter-APP點子

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