Deer Novice Hunter 2014

【免費角色扮演App】Deer Novice Hunter 2014-APP點子

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Are you Novice Hunter interested in hunting Deer?

America’s Favorite Hunting Game! Now available on Android!

Game Features

The #1 arcade hunting game is now free to play on your mobile device. Learn to pick and select suitable weapon, Deer tracking,

More Adventures, More Locations, More Big Game on Deer Novice Hunter 2014, prepare yourself to play on Tournament Edition features 6 different Adventures and 18 of the best locations all across North America. Hunt for Deer, Bison, Bighorn Sheep, Elk, Antelope, Moose and more!

New Tournament Mode - Enter Tournaments and test your Hunting skills performance against opponents from around the world. Weekly Tournaments pay off coin prizes for the top scores posted. Novice ONLY Classes allow you to compete against opponents of your experience and skill level.

There is a guide which will teach you the basics of Deer Novice Hunter, introduce new game features and offer some tips on how to help boost your scores on Deer Novice Hunter 2014. Boost Ups - Unlock 100 different Power Ups to help you track, target and increase your hunting scores.

Combos - Use the new Combo Meter to step- up your hunting scores. Earn more bonuses for every target you hit in succession.

【免費角色扮演App】Deer Novice Hunter 2014-APP點子

【免費角色扮演App】Deer Novice Hunter 2014-APP點子

【免費角色扮演App】Deer Novice Hunter 2014-APP點子

【免費角色扮演App】Deer Novice Hunter 2014-APP點子

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