Defense Hardcore

【免費經典App】Defense Hardcore-APP點子

This game is inspired by the legnedary Missile Command game. Shot down the incoming rockets, planes and get your score sky high.

Good luck.


-Shoot down the incoming missiles and planes. You have to aim to their heads. Only detonations kills stuff.

Shooting costs energy! (At the begging you have ~5 missiles. Watch out!)

Shooting down stuff gives you energy.

【免費經典App】Defense Hardcore-APP點子

Getting hit on the shield costs you a lots of energy.

Missile types:

-Blue: Normal missile

-Yellow: Split missile: can split randomly into 3 part.


-You have to login to Facebook to use leaderboard. ű

-If you use "public" login, everyone will see your score, if you use "friends" only friends will see.

【免費經典App】Defense Hardcore-APP點子

-App will not post anything to your wall. Permissions needed to upload score.

-Facebook post automatically when you pass a friend.

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