Desert Elf

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Team PlanetDressUp presents "Desert Elf", a dress-up game with over 9 thousand possible combinations!

Do you find the Elves elegant with their flowing gowns and pointy ears through their long soft hair?! If you do, then "Desert Elf" is for you!

Dress your friendly Elf with all the glamour an Elf requires! You have tons of possible combinations to dress accordingly to your favorite style. Increment your outfit with accessories like a crown to make your Elf a queen. Choose her top, bottom, hair, shoes, and accessories and make the most elegant elf that has even been!

7 Tops

【免費休閒App】Desert Elf-APP點子

7 Bottoms

4 Accessories that you may use many at the same time

【免費休閒App】Desert Elf-APP點子

7 Hairstyles

7 Shoes

【免費休閒App】Desert Elf-APP點子

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