Designing Ads and Logos

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Learn the secrets of designing effective Ads and Logos in this informative and eye-opening course by expert trainer and graphic designer Mark Gatter!

Advertising is everywhere and advertisers often employ powerful (and sometimes questionable) techniques to grab your attention and get their message across. These techniques can be so powerful, that throughout the course, Mark makes a point of stressing the importance of using them for good versus evil!

Mark starts the course by covering the technical details of ad design but then quickly shifts the focus to clarifying the fine lines between design and ethical principles. He gives examples, both from his own professional practice as well as other well-known cases, which help to illustrate the value and importance of ethical design.

From there, you delve into the deeper parts of human psychology and motivation. With a strong understanding of what motivates all of us, you get a glimpse of the power (and the danger) that your new advertising abilities come with.

To cap the course off, Mark gives a case study of one of his professional logo design projects. It’s this kind of golden real-world professional advice that you just can’t get anywhere else!

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction to Ad Design

2. Things to Avoid

3. More Things to Avoid

4. Making a Swipe File

5. Principles: Design vs. Ethical

【免費書籍App】Designing Ads and Logos-APP點子

6. Ads & Ethics: Examples

7. Ad Psychology: 8 Motivations

8. The Motivations & the Message

9. Basic Color Associations & Meanings

10. Colors in Packaging

【免費書籍App】Designing Ads and Logos-APP點子

11. Subliminal Advertising Basics

12. Examples: Good vs. Evil

13. International advertising

14. Some Ad Facts

15. Scams

【免費書籍App】Designing Ads and Logos-APP點子

16. Introduction to Logo Design

17. Developing the Design

18. Using Pantone Colors

19. The Creative Design Process

20. Finalizing the Logo

【免費書籍App】Designing Ads and Logos-APP點子

21. Extending the Design

【免費書籍App】Designing Ads and Logos-APP點子

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