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【免費健康App】Desserts Foods & Recipes-APP點子

Desserts & Recipes is the Free app!!! having more than 2000+ Recipes of Desserts.

In this app you are having many cool feature. This app has following categories

- Indian Desserts Foods,

- Desserts - 1

【免費健康App】Desserts Foods & Recipes-APP點子

- Desserts - 2

- Desserts - 3

- Desserts - 4


【免費健康App】Desserts Foods & Recipes-APP點子

- Browse by category

- Browse recipes offline, i.e download the Recipes as PDF on local SD Card

- Ingredients

【免費健康App】Desserts Foods & Recipes-APP點子

- Cooking Method and online cooking videos

- Low memory and Quick loading

Some of the Desserts Recipes for your easy search as Coconut Til Ladoo, Oats Kheer, Apple Jalebi With Gulab Ice-Cream, Ghewar, Puffed Rice Squares, Mysore Paak, Parsi Sev, Basundi and more...

【免費健康App】Desserts Foods & Recipes-APP點子

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