Dev Day 2014

【免費社交App】Dev Day 2014-APP點子

The official Dev Day 2014 app was built to be your guide and planner to the conference

* Explore the conference agenda, with details on topics and speakers

【免費社交App】Dev Day 2014-APP點子

* Add events to a personalized schedule

【免費社交App】Dev Day 2014-APP點子

* Navigate yourself to the conference using the Google map

【免費社交App】Dev Day 2014-APP點子

* See Dev Day content from previous years in the Image Gallery

【免費社交App】Dev Day 2014-APP點子

* Find details and experience of the Speakers

【免費社交App】Dev Day 2014-APP點子

* Share the event updates in the social media with ease

*For in-person attendees:*

【免費社交App】Dev Day 2014-APP點子

* Take advantage of facilitated pre-event WiFi configuration

For Tickets and More Details on the event contact visit

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