Device Tracker

【免費工具App】Device Tracker-APP點子

This Android application is part of the Device Tracker software system that enables organizations to track their mobile devices.


★ Enables organization to maintain latest information of their mobile devices at a central location.

★ Most commonly needed device information is easily accessible at one place. E.g. Device name, model & manufacturer, OS name & version, display size & resolution, etc.

【免費工具App】Device Tracker-APP點子

★ System keeps track of device's GPS location and enables to locate it faster.

★ System also monitors device's battery level.

★ It allows allocating device to a user, thereby keeping track who owns which device.

★ Once allocated, user can report device status as Busy or Free.

【免費工具App】Device Tracker-APP點子

Please contact the developer for setting up this system at your organization.

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