Devil Icon Pack

【免費個人化App】Devil Icon Pack-APP點子

I know you love icon packs,and I know you wanna try more icon packs, more new experience, so Cobo Icon Packs are coming. And this icon pack is one of them.

The teacher is the sun, its own light, ignite people's enthusiasm. The teacher is rain, themselves into intricate, watering the seedlings grow. The teacher is the gardener, hard himself, dressed in a colorful garden of others.

What are our features?

• 1000+ High-Definition (192x192 px) Designed Icons

• 17+ Popular Launcher Support

• New Icon Pack Releases everyday

Don’t worry about being ordinary, ‘cause we’ll make every phone unique.

Don’t worry about getting bored, ‘cause we’ll continually release NEW Icon Packs for you.

Supported Launchers

Cobo Launcher (Recommend)

Action launcher

Adw Launcher

Apex Launcher

Atom launcher

Aviate Launcher

Epic launcher

Go launcher EX

Holo launcher

Holo launcher HD

Inspire launcher

KK launcher

Mini launcher

Nine launcher

【免費個人化App】Devil Icon Pack-APP點子

Nova Launcher

Smart Launcher

Solo launcher

Missing Icons?

Please e-mail your missing request icons to

NOW, it’s time to COLOR YOUR PHONE.

About Cobo Launcher

You need the easiest Android beautifier - Cobo Launcher.

Tap once, beautify all.

Usually, it's very inconvenient to beautify your android since you have to search for widgets, icon packs and wallpapers respectively. Then download, install and set, all of which may cost you at least 20 minutes. Now with Cobo Launcher, just one step, all components of your Android home screen are beautified in one second.

To beautify your smart phone, our team is gonna never to stop releasing more stunning themes with amazing widgets, icons and wallpapers. There is definitely a good fit for you.

Current features:

1. (Improved) Drawer open/dismiss effect.

2. (Changed) Dragging app from drawer to home screen.

3. (Added) "Hot" tab added in Cobo Theme.

4. Beautiful themes equipped with awesome icons, widgets and wallpapers, no additional download.

5. Swipe-able dock.

6. Compatible with all third-party widgets used by 10 million people, Zooper, Dashclock, HDWidget etc.

7. Compatible with 50+ most popular icon packs, Belle UI (recommend), Moonshine, Voxel, Cryten, Lumos, etc.

Coming soon:

Custom App Sorting in drawer/ More Functional Multiple-Screen Themes / Sort apps/ Gesture steering/ Back up and restore/ Hide apps/ More scrolling effects...


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We are right here waiting for you!

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【免費個人化App】Devil Icon Pack-APP點子

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Let’s make a great Cobo Launcher TOGETHER!

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