Diaper Dino's

【免費教育App】Diaper Dino's-APP點子

Diaper Dino’s is a game for young children preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade. Your children will have fun while learning about the alphabet, numbers, and colors with the adorable characters from Diaper Dino’s. This game includes four fun activities Dino ABC, Dino Numbers, Dino Hide and Seek, and Dino Paint by Numbers. Diaper Dino’s features touch screen interactivity and verbal instructions. Parents, this game relies heavily on sound, so if you are at the Doctor’s office, the car, or any place you need quiet be sure and bring ear buds for your child.

【免費教育App】Diaper Dino's-APP點子

Supports 2.1 or better.

【免費教育App】Diaper Dino's-APP點子

Please email me with any suggestions on future updates.

【免費教育App】Diaper Dino's-APP點子

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