Diary Journal Pro Daily Planer

【免費生活App】Diary Journal Pro Daily Planer-APP點子

The Diary/Journal Pro multimedia-rich daily planner lets you quickly and easily record your memories, ideas, and events using text, video, and voice!

* Add unique photo backgrounds, emoticons, and even GPS location info!

【免費生活App】Diary Journal Pro Daily Planer-APP點子

* Transfer your diary entries easily to Facebook or Twitter.

【免費生活App】Diary Journal Pro Daily Planer-APP點子

* Password-protect your diary, set up alerts – and much more!

Cool Features…

* Video and audio recording for meetings, lectures, music, note-taking, classroom discussions, conversations, family events, etc. Save and access your videos and audio by date, and email the recordings quickly and easily!

* Automatic GPS location insertion (optional). Instantly recall where you wrote each diary entry! Easily erase the GPS info, or modify it to a different location.

* Easy alerts remind you of upcoming appointments and events.

* Social buzz integration with Facebook and Twitter. Quickly and easily post diary entries and photos to Facebook or Twitter directly from your Android device.

* Create unlimited diary entries for any given day!

* Custom photo backgrounds. Express your mood! – Choose a unique photo background for each day, and for each diary entry!

* Securely store your private information (account numbers, etc.). The optional Vault/Safe Module keeps your data safe with password protection – giving you a level of security beyond the optional general diary password protection.

* Customize everything! – GPS settings, emoticons, email settings, export settings, daily background photo, notifications for the Event Module, etc.

* Rich Android user interface makes using Journal Diary Pro a breeze on your Android Phone!

* Release your day-to-day stress by expressing visually through this media rich diary - Promotes your health & fitness.

* Record diary entries easily with very little typing. A big advantage for the physically challenged including Autism.

* Ideal for physicians. Record photos, videos, and dictation – and email everything quickly and easily.

Important Note:

Please note not all the options are available on all android models and versions. Certain options need internet connected devices and GPS functionality.

Min Android OS 1.6+ onwards subject to certain options available to support app functionality..!

【免費生活App】Diary Journal Pro Daily Planer-APP點子

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