Diary Magazine

【免費生活App】Diary Magazine-APP點子

A bespoke and unique mobile app that instantly tells London’s ‘in-crowd’ what’s out, when and where in the city.

【免費生活App】Diary Magazine-APP點子

By cleverly mixing listings and lifestyle content, the Diary app rapidly notifies users of release dates and locations of whatever they desire; from fashion items, beauty products, gifts, CDs, DVDs, phones, laptops and club nights to sport, health, books, films, holidays, weekend breaks, entertainment, events and celebrity endorsements.


【免費生活App】Diary Magazine-APP點子

- Appeals to the young city devotee, who wants to feel on the pulse in order to enhance their personal calendar.

- Overview of categorised key London events, products and releases, published by date and in real time alongside images, editorial and locations, which are displayed on a map.

- Eye catching design and simple functionality.

- A Diary Premier section showcases luxurious content exclusively for the Diary jet setter.

- Users can add dates to the internal app calendar, whenever they like and wherever they are.

- Handy calendar with swipe facility.

【免費生活App】Diary Magazine-APP點子

- Competition entry facility.

【免費生活App】Diary Magazine-APP點子

- Recommend event facility.

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