Dino Bubble Puzzle Shooter

【免費解謎App】Dino Bubble Puzzle Shooter-APP點子

Dino Bubble Puzzle Shooter

Get ready for a very addicting bubble shooter

puzzle game, really great way to spend some

free time. Help these Dino's shoot 3 bubbles in

a row & clear all the bubbles to move to the next


Simply tap in the direction where you want to

shoot and breakdown these bubble walls. All it

takes is 3 similar colored bubbles to knock them

down. Try to pop as many bubbles together as you

can to increase your score. Clear all the bubbles

【免費解謎App】Dino Bubble Puzzle Shooter-APP點子

to move to the next levels.


* Challenging levels & two game modes.

* Arcade Mode

* Clean Graphics

* Easy to learn but Addicting!

* Fun for all ages!

Once you give this app a try you'll

find that it is very addicting and fun for

any one to enjoy!

Download it & Have Some Fun!

【免費解謎App】Dino Bubble Puzzle Shooter-APP點子

Thank You!

【免費解謎App】Dino Bubble Puzzle Shooter-APP點子

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