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"I don't wanna be bothered by holding 3 stopwatches and standing at backstage while the show is running..."Here you go!! JUST SIMPLE 3 STOPWATCHES!! Nothing fancy!!Tested over iPhone4 & iPhone4S.No heavy code in it, so it might work on other iOS device. (iOS5+)HOW THIS APP WORKS========================================Touch each time counter display to start/pause each counter.(While pausing, each clock is still counting. It just freezes counter display. This function designed for "Taking a note")Press each "RESET" button to reset each counter to 00:00:00.000.Press "START ALL" button to start all counter in sync.(All counters have to be reset to start all. This function designed for avoiding "Miss-touch once, you screw all")Press "RESET ALL" button to reset all counters to 00:00:00.000. So please be careful!!All buttons which reset counter(s) are placed right edge of the app display because I designed this for left-hand use.NOTE======================================================I built this app for my friend but I am willing to share with more people.And this is my first distributing app. So please... please don't be too hard on me...Any requests or suggestions?Please feel free to contact me on minimaldestruction[at]outlook.comAny complainments, about my sorry english skill?Please write them down on your toast for breakfast and eat it. Then I might become a tiny little bug in my next life. So I won't bother you again!

【免費工具App】Director's Time-APP點子

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