Discover the Region Magazines

【免費生活App】Discover the Region Magazines-APP點子

This is a digital magazine APP that will have the latest issues of Discover the Phoenix Region available. This APP will showcase the different local businesses that are advertising in digital magazines. Easily find a favorite business from restaurants, to travel agencies, to chiropractors and look for local discounts as well.

- View digital magazines

【免費生活App】Discover the Region Magazines-APP點子

- Find a local business in the business listing

【免費生活App】Discover the Region Magazines-APP點子

- Get discounts from regional businesses

【免費生活App】Discover the Region Magazines-APP點子

- Locate regional events

【免費生活App】Discover the Region Magazines-APP點子

- Find your favorite restaurant in the region

- Find your favorite chiropractor

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免費玩Discover the Region Magazines App

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