Disneyland Hidden Mickeys

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What is a Hidden Mickey?

A Hidden Mickey is an image of Mickey Mouse concealed in the design of a Disney attraction or resort. Traditionally, it takes the shape of Mickey’s head and ears in silhouette (one large circle with two smaller circles on top), but Hidden Mickeys can also take on many forms.

The most common Hidden Mickey is three circles that form Mickey’s head and ears. Other images include a side profile of Mickey’s face and head as found on Peter Pan as you fly over the city, a full picture of Mickey Mouse found on Splash Mountain, or even a Mickey stuffed animal hidden on Star Tours. Sometimes, just Mickey’s gloves, handprints, shoes or ears appear. Even his name or initials in unusual places are discovered as Hidden Mickeys.

【免費旅遊App】Disneyland Hidden Mickeys-APP點子

Disney Imagineers have been cleverly concealing Hidden Mickeys throughout Walt Disney attractions for decades. Can you find them all? Or maybe be the first to discover a new Hidden Mickey!

Guide your way through Disneyland using our Hidden Mickey finder. Carefully detailed descriptions will help you discover each location where Disney cast members have placed Hidden Mickeys.

Enhance your vacation experience by finding some of the hidden Magic at Disneyland!

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