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No Ads. Convert Doc to Pdf, Docx to Pdf, Xls to Pdf, Xlsx to pdf, Rtf to pdf, Txt to pdf. Yes, this is an All-in-one pdf converter that WORKS.

This is the pro version of DocToPdf free android app and it has no Ads.

Simply, pick any document and click "Convert To PDF", its done. Once pdf is engendered, you can share the pdf via bluetooth or send it via e-mail. You can also view the converted pdf document using any of your existing PDF viewer android app (say, Adobe Reader).

DocToPdf supports the following file conversions:

【免費商業App】Doc To Pdf Pro-APP點子

- .doc to .pdf

【免費商業App】Doc To Pdf Pro-APP點子

- .docx to .pdf

【免費商業App】Doc To Pdf Pro-APP點子

- .xls to .pdf

【免費商業App】Doc To Pdf Pro-APP點子

- .xlsx to .pdf

【免費商業App】Doc To Pdf Pro-APP點子

- .rtf to .pdf

- .txt to .pdf

Conversion happens online, hence Internet connection is required for this App to work. Please be patience, as the time taken to upload a document and to download pdf file depends on your Internet speed.

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