Doge Chase

【免費街機App】Doge Chase-APP點子

Much Doges. Such chase. So competitive. Wow.

The goal of this game is to get the best total score.

【免費街機App】Doge Chase-APP點子

Try to catch as much doges as you can!

Catch by tapping Doge. You can increase your doge-per-click multiplier up to x5 by clicking Doge continuously. Upgrades that you can afford will be highlighted, which are accessible under "Upgrades" button. Click it to upgrade.

【免費街機App】Doge Chase-APP點子

Submit your score to the "hot" leaderboard by clicking menu or home button and then "Submit score".

【免費街機App】Doge Chase-APP點子

Then you will see 30 players below you and 70 above. You CAN beat them!!!

There are TWO leaderboards. First is a real-time access "Hot" for direct competition.

【免費街機App】Doge Chase-APP點子

Second leaderboard "Top 100" is MODERATED and checked by Dev at least once a day.

Chase, compete, have fun!

If you like this game, please rate it 5 stars.

【免費街機App】Doge Chase-APP點子

All comments and suggestions are welcome.

【免費街機App】Doge Chase-APP點子

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【免費街機App】Doge Chase-APP點子

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