Donkey Kong 2

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Adaptation of the Game & Watch Electronic handheld game Donkey Kong 2.

How to play:

Donkey Kong Junior climbs up avoiding snapjaws, sparks ans birds to open each lock and free his father.

First he starts at the bottom left, goes up then jumps to throw the key on the upper screen.

Then he has to climb up avoiding or jumping above foes to reach the key, and jump again to throw it towards the locks.

Randomly one of the free lock will blink indicating the rope to climb to unlock it.

When done, Donkey Kong Junior has to go all the way down to the start key.

He earns extra points if he does it without losing a life.

If he loses, Kong has to start over.

When the 4 locks are unlocked, his father is free to join him for a super bonus.

He will then restart at the beginning for round 2.

If 300 points are reached, Kong earns an extra life, or if no life has been lost, all points are doubled until he loses its life.

If GAME A is too easy, try GAME B which is more difficult.

For example in GAME A, upper screen foes disappear when unlocking, making more easier the way back.

However in GAME B, it won't be the case.

So good luck and have fun.


Use the virtual joystick on the left for directions and the right button to jump.

You can also click on the game screen to move Kong.

If a keyboard is available for your device, you can use arrows to steer and space to jump.


This game was rebuilt from scratch based on the original electronic game.

The purpose is only to revive it out of pure fun.

Please consider this as a Tribute.

Original trademarks are free to contact me if arrangements need to be made.

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