Donut Smash - Ninja Slicer

【免費家庭片App】Donut Smash - Ninja Slicer-APP點子

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Do you wanna be a ninja? You can be a ninja who loves donuts.

You are a ninja at a donut shop in Egypt. You have to slice all the donuts. But stay away from bombs. Slice as many donuts as you can.

【免費家庭片App】Donut Smash - Ninja Slicer-APP點子

Let's see how many doughnuts you can slice in one minute.

★Simple and Addictive Gameplay

★ Awesome graphics and HD visuals for everyone.

★ Easy to Learn Hard to Master

【免費家庭片App】Donut Smash - Ninja Slicer-APP點子

★ One of the best one-tap games.

★ Play for a Minute or the whole day.

★ Secrets to Uncover.

★ Detailed pixel style art!

【免費家庭片App】Donut Smash - Ninja Slicer-APP點子

★ High quality infinite never ending endless game.

★ Epic and silly one touch / tap simple game.

★ Play in toilet, subway, bathroom, bus, train, airplane, office, school, classroom, bedroom or anywhere.

★ If you like Floppy games, Mr Flaps, infinite runners, or One Tap games then Donut Smash is perfect for you.

【免費家庭片App】Donut Smash - Ninja Slicer-APP點子

★ Best stress busting and relaxing Minimal Game

★ All smartphones and Tabs Supported

★ Optimized for Tablets and slow phones.

★ Donut Smash is a Game for Teens, Adults, Children, Floppy Lovers, Grandpa, Grandma, Teachers, Girls, Boys and everyone.

【免費家庭片App】Donut Smash - Ninja Slicer-APP點子

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【免費家庭片App】Donut Smash - Ninja Slicer-APP點子

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