Doodle Heroes

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Doodle Heroes is an easy-to-play jumper game and the Best Jumper Game on the Market!! with very good looking graphics and immersive gameplay, just tilt your phone to jump on the platforms and advance higher and higher, how far can you get?.

Experience hours of fun in 3 different and very fun game modes. And help Cookie and Cherry, our madly in love heroes in their neverending adventure!


【免費街機App】Doodle Heroes-APP點子

Jump! Jump! Jump! the higher you get, the better! enjoy the variety of platforms to jump on, some of them will move, some will dissapear or explode! Use the large amount of items available to your advantage, rockets to push you higher, springs or the 4 colored circles and their special abilities. And be very careful, there are some monsters in the area!


【免費街機App】Doodle Heroes-APP點子

You tought going up was the only thing? in this mode you have to go down, caring not to fall off the platforms! But as you are going down, speed is going up! Very challenging. Items and Monsters are here too!


【免費街機App】Doodle Heroes-APP點子

What about some special assignments for Agent Cookie and Agent Cherry, our beloved and most skilled Secret Agents? In this mode you have to get certain task, given to you by the president of Doodleland. Isnt that challenging enough? it may have some special condition too!

【免費街機App】Doodle Heroes-APP點子

Monsters, items(many are this mode exclusive!), special platforms, everything is here too!


-Experience hours of fun in 3 game modes

【免費街機App】Doodle Heroes-APP點子

-2 Heroes to play with

【免費街機App】Doodle Heroes-APP點子

-48 Achievements for you to unlock

【免費街機App】Doodle Heroes-APP點子

-2 Different Themes (memes as special guests!)

【免費街機App】Doodle Heroes-APP點子

-Fight a big variety of enemies (16 per theme)

【免費街機App】Doodle Heroes-APP點子

-22 Items to help you

-Easy to play

-Good looking cute graphics

-Global leaderboards to save your score

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