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DO$H is a newly formed darts organisation whose home venue is at Quinns Rocks Sports Club. Its sole purpose is to offer the WA dart players (and other States), more competitions to play in, offering more prize money and better darting facilities than other darting institutes.

As we grow, there will be more competitions offering much better payouts, thus rewarding the darters for their efforts and performances on the dart board. DO$H’s motto is – “Putting the WA dart player FIRST” and we will prove that by the way we put on our comp’s.

Although DO$H is in it’s infancy, the people behind it have many years of experience in the darting know how. This ship has a teriffic crew guiding it through the turbulant waters that is Darts.

Many darts Organisations in Australia work tirelessly hard to please and accommodate dart players of all standards. Although almost impossible to do, DO$H will strive to reach and maintain a standard that pleases all darters and also helps them reach the very highest standard of which their abilities will allow.

In a nut shell, anyone joining DO$H, especially at the early stages, will not only experience tournaments that are better run, better financially structured, better formats being used, but will also be able to grow with the organisation and be proud to boast that they were there at the beginning!!

【免費商業App】Dosh Darts-APP點子

【免費商業App】Dosh Darts-APP點子

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