Dramatic Ball Bounce

【免費街機App】Dramatic Ball Bounce-APP點子

Dramatic Ball Bounce is a new, simple and exciting arcade game, in which you control a bouncing and jumping ball.


★simple gameplay, easy to learn

★addictively challenging

★gorgeous black and white graphics

【免費街機App】Dramatic Ball Bounce-APP點子

★fluent also on old devices, always 60 fps and HD resolution, excellent performance

★ endless fun, that makes it a must-play game

★ realistic physics engine

【免費街機App】Dramatic Ball Bounce-APP點子

★ completely free to play, no additional in-app purchases

Long description:

Discover and improve your reaction skills and set rewarding high scores to impress your friends. There is only one rule: don't fall into a hole. Simply touch the screen to jump.

Play Dramatic Ball Bounce for a short period of refreshment in school, bus, office or at home. It is a quick and short-time focused game, but you can also play it for hours.

The new game is developed with the corona SDK, a cross-platform game development tool and uses the amazing box2d physics engine for realistic physical effects. It is optimized for android devices and runs even on old and cheap mobile devices fluent with 60 fps.

【免費街機App】Dramatic Ball Bounce-APP點子

The casual arcade game uses improved high quality black and white graphics which support the simple gameplay and give you maximal entertaining.

Dramatic Ball Bounce is a addictively challenging game and is a absolute must play.

The game generates beautifully designed and randomly generated levels on a grid-based map, which require strategical skills and perfect attention. It's an endless running game, that gets faster with the time and stops when you can't handle the dramatically hight speed.

【免費街機App】Dramatic Ball Bounce-APP點子

The nuance jumping game with thrilling action moments is a savvy combination of fun and action.

It's completely free and provides no annoying in-app purchases.

Challenge yourself with the fun ball game and download the brilliant mustplay game for FREE. Because of its unknown addictively its a perfect choice for young and old players.

【免費街機App】Dramatic Ball Bounce-APP點子

No excuse not to download it!

【免費街機App】Dramatic Ball Bounce-APP點子

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