Draw & Tell

【免費生活App】Draw & Tell-APP點子

What is Draw & Tell?

Draw and share stories in storyboards easily! Just like a comic! Even for people who cannot draw for nuts.

Who would love it?

Kids: They can draw out their imaginations as stories and share with their friends.

Designers: They can sketch out the next revolutionary user / product experience as storyboards and share them for easy collaborations.

Advertisements / Film makers: They can sketch out storyboards for their film or advertising campaign and share them for easy collaborations.

【免費生活App】Draw & Tell-APP點子

Comic / Manga Artists: They could sketch out a story flow for their next big work and share them for comments.

People who cannot draw for nuts: They could draw storyboards too by using others’ sketches.

App Versions

We want to give you what we have promised! But that takes time and we are doing it in stages and as quickly as we can. Please bear with us!

Draw & Tell Version 1.0: Sketching storyboards and storing them in your personal library.

【免費生活App】Draw & Tell-APP點子

Draw & Tell Version 1.1 (Coming soon): Sharing your storyboards with friends and the world! You could see theirs too!

【免費生活App】Draw & Tell-APP點子

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