Draw2Me Plus

【免費生活App】Draw2Me Plus-APP點子

Draw2Me Plus is a unique application that allows you to enjoy real-time drawing on your smartphone. It makes your day more amazing by sending your own drawing to your friends!

Key Features

•Record your drawing in 60 seconds and able to playback exactly the same with the pace of your drawing, up to 4 finger inputs. (15 seconds for Trial mode and 30 seconds for Paid Normal mode)

【免費生活App】Draw2Me Plus-APP點子

•Able to draw in colors and also different brush sizes

•Able to save it online and pass it to your loved ones or friends! (Only available in Paid version).

•Discover the top 5 beautiful drawings done by Draw2Me Users!

【免費生活App】Draw2Me Plus-APP點子

•Auto-save feature to keep your drawing safe!

【免費生活App】Draw2Me Plus-APP點子

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