Drawing Techniques 102

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Shapes… Sighting… Shading. There are many natural features that give objects their shape and form. In this 19-tutorial course, Siobhan Twomey explains how to see these features and how to get them on down on "paper." Learn to draw what you see... with Siobhan!

After a brief section introducing the concepts and tools, Siobhan dives right into the techniques you need to know to accurately draw complex shapes. This is where you learn to "see" shapes and the space around them. Watch as Siobhan draws a chair – by drawing only the space around the chair – all the while explaining the important concept of recognizing negative space!

In the next section, Siobhan explains the basics of perspective. You learn how to sight and measure as you walk step-by-step through the process of drawing an interior of a room. Then you add objects to the room – all in proper size, placement and perspective.

Next is a series of tutorials dedicated to the concept of shadow and light. This is where you learn how light defines shape. Armed with this important concept, you then proceed to learn how to draw using light and shading as your guide!

The final section in this course is all about drawing from life. Nothing is as complex as drawing real people. Siobhan shows how you can capture the most complex of subjects by understanding the concepts of shapes, perspective, light and shading. Join Siobhan on this next stage of the drawing journey!

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

2. What's Covered in this Course

3. Materials

【免費書籍App】Drawing Techniques 102-APP點子

4. Seeing Shapes

5. Seeing Negative Space

6. Drawing Negative Space of a Basic Object

【免費書籍App】Drawing Techniques 102-APP點子

7. Negative Space of a Chair

8. Basics of Perspective

9. Sighting, How to Measure

【免費書籍App】Drawing Techniques 102-APP點子

10. Drawing with Proportions

11. Drawing an Interior

12. Drawing Details of an Interior

【免費書籍App】Drawing Techniques 102-APP點子

13. Light & Shade Basics: a Sphere

14. Planes & How Light Defines Shape

15. Materials for Rendering Shadow & Light

【免費書籍App】Drawing Techniques 102-APP點子

16. Drawing a Still Life with a Light Source

17. Reintroducing Gesture: Drawing from Life

18. The Art of the Quick Study

【免費書籍App】Drawing Techniques 102-APP點子

19. Conclusion: The Daily Composition

【免費書籍App】Drawing Techniques 102-APP點子

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