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【免費天氣App】Dream Weather +-APP點子

Dream Weather is beautiful weather application that offers a reliable 7 days weather forecast for most places around the globe. It makes use of your GPS device to quickly get your the latest weather forecast for your current location.

It remembers your last location in case your GPS device has some signal problems.

Dream Weather can display forecast in different units and uses different themes for day and night.

Currently supported languages:

【免費天氣App】Dream Weather +-APP點子





【免費天氣App】Dream Weather +-APP點子



More languages coming soon!

If your language is missing and you would like to help with the translation, please contact us!

【免費天氣App】Dream Weather +-APP點子

If something is not working as it should, or you have some ideas for improvement, please also let us know! We will try to implement your suggestions in the future versions of the application.

【免費天氣App】Dream Weather +-APP點子

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