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The new Dream-Stats.com Live AFL Scores App provides LIVE and DELAYED AFL Dream Team scores.

*** FEATURES ***

** [NEW] Link your AFL Dream Team!

【免費運動App】Dream-Stats AFL Scores Free-APP點子

You can now track all players in your AFL Dream Team using the newly added 'Link Team' feature. This will highlight all your Dream Team's players in the match viewer.

** LIVE and DELAYED footy scores

【免費運動App】Dream-Stats AFL Scores Free-APP點子

Whether you're watching the game live at the ground or delayed on television, you will be always able keep track of the match statistics and your player's fantasy footy score.

** Full player statistics

【免費運動App】Dream-Stats AFL Scores Free-APP點子

All player statistics are provided from kicks to tackles to goals. This can be accessed by simply clicking on a player's name!

** Player graphs and information

【免費運動App】Dream-Stats AFL Scores Free-APP點子

Find out how your player is performing throughout the game by viewing their live progression graph. Also provided is additional information about the player's current season including games played and goals kicked.

** Team comparison graphs

【免費運動App】Dream-Stats AFL Scores Free-APP點子

Team comparison graphs are extremely useful in highlighting the momentum shifts in matches. Not only can you view the progressive match scores of each team, you can also compare team statistics such as disposals and tackle counts.

** Match player rankings

【免費運動App】Dream-Stats AFL Scores Free-APP點子

Get a quick glimpse of the top performers from each team in a number of areas.

** Player icons

【免費運動App】Dream-Stats AFL Scores Free-APP點子

Know which players are substitutes, have been subbed on or off or are currently injured.

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