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Welcome to “Dreamoc Play”, by Realfiction. This app supports our Dreamoc product series and works like a touch interface for the Dreamoc Holographic display. Mount your device in front of the Dreamoc to intuitive control which hologram video is played. This enables a much better user integrated experience and your customers would love it. It’s so simple and easy. Everyone is able to use it.Just copy files from your computer (with cable or wirelessly over wi-fi) to the App. And that’s it. The video is ready to play among all your other videos. It couldn’t be any easier.PRO FEATURESWan’t to take full control, creating your own design? Get hold on “Dreamoc Play Pro”, where you can design the user-interface as you want, in order to amplify your own brand and more.SUPPORTED MODELSDreamoc HD2Dreamoc XL2, Early 2014Dreamoc Scandinavia 180XXLDreamoc Scandinavia 360XXLREQUIRED EQUIPMENTYou need a HDMI cable and an Apple Lightening to HDMI converter in order to connect your device to a Dreamoc.SUPPORTFor any questions or feedback, we’d like to hear from you! Free support is found at SUPPORT@REALFICTION.COM or by phone +45 70 20 64 90.Magic Matters!Best regardsRealfiction Team

【免費攝影App】Dreamoc Play-APP點子

【免費攝影App】Dreamoc Play-APP點子

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