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【免費個人化App】Dreams Pro 3D LWP-APP點子

New, animated live wallpaper 3D, for your phone or tablet! Dreams Pro 3D some of the best 3D (OXON L.W.Dreams Pro 3D) wallpapers for your phone or tablet. The new live wallpaper is a fantastic world filled with colorful futuristic colors. Immerse yourself in the world of dreams and fantasies with the new live wallpaper.

Manage and change many types of cameras and admiring the colorful and lush views. And if you are tired colors, the menu, you can select the display mode sepia or grayscale. Set the automatic change of time of day, and your phone will self-change design theme. Enable and configure various effects to create even more exciting pictures.

→ Dreams Free 3D (OXON L.W.Dreams Free 3D): http://goo.gl/2DHCq4

→ Main Feature Dreams Pro 3D (OXON L.W.Dreams Pro 3D):

● Real 3D!

【免費個人化App】Dreams Pro 3D LWP-APP點子

● Supports a wide range of devices (handsets, tablets)

● Support for HD and FULL HD displays for phones and tablets

【免費個人化App】Dreams Pro 3D LWP-APP點子

● Superbly crafted design

● The dynamic camera

【免費個人化App】Dreams Pro 3D LWP-APP點子

● Graphics and texture HI quality

● Simulation scroll the screen for Samsung and others

【免費個人化App】Dreams Pro 3D LWP-APP點子

● Quick access to the menu, double-tapu

● Support for installation on SD card

【免費個人化App】Dreams Pro 3D LWP-APP點子

● 2 scene: day and night

● Automatically changing the time of day

【免費個人化App】Dreams Pro 3D LWP-APP點子

● The mode sepia

● The mode grayscale

【免費個人化App】Dreams Pro 3D LWP-APP點子

● 5 animated cameras

● 5 views cameras

【免費個人化App】Dreams Pro 3D LWP-APP點子

● Management of lighting effects

● Accelerometer

【免費個人化App】Dreams Pro 3D LWP-APP點子

● Automatic camera movement

ATTENTION: Set function and the option may be different in the free or paid version.

Installation: The main screen (long press) → Live Wallpaper → OXON L.W.Dreams Pro

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【免費個人化App】Dreams Pro 3D LWP-APP點子

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【免費個人化App】Dreams Pro 3D LWP-APP點子

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