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【免費商業App】Drill and Blast-APP點子

First MiPlan made tracking your Drill and Blast information simple, reliable and efficient in the office. Now MiPlan brings you mobile data capture. MiPlan's new Tablet app allows you to take data to the field and gets rid of paper log sheets. FEATURES- Topographical map for easy hole selection and site navigation - QAQC Crews to enter in information hole by hole - Charge Crews to see the design charge and capture actual explosives used All this through an easy to use graphical interface which shows a map of the pattern, simply tap the hole and all the information you need is available! Extend your MiPlan solution today with this easy to use app. For further information please contact enquires@miplanconsulting.com

【免費商業App】Drill and Blast-APP點子

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免費玩Drill and Blast App

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