Drink Mixer

【免費健康App】Drink Mixer-APP點子

Are you thirsty?

Here is our new great app Drink Mixer! If you want to mix cocktails for your party or just want to try something new, then Drink Mixer is what you are looking for. We've collected only the best recipes for you, so just try it!

Drink Mixer will help you to make:

- Lemonades;

- Smoothies;

- Mojito;

- Sangria;

【免費健康App】Drink Mixer-APP點子

- Tea;

and even more!

Drink Mixer features:

- most popular cocktails to make;

- informative descriptions;

- list of ingredients;

- step-by-step instructions.

【免費健康App】Drink Mixer-APP點子

Drink Mixer - choose your favourite one from given recipes and enjoy! It's so easy to feel like a real barkeeper!

【免費健康App】Drink Mixer-APP點子

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