DropWorld : Rolling Ball Down

【免費動作App】DropWorld : Rolling Ball Down-APP點子

" Another reason to play more : Try your luck with the slot machine that we brought directly from the Las Vegas. Now earn coins and different powers daily and get chances to survive longer. With more coins upgrade your powers to whole new level. "

A game of adventure packed with your luck, it is world with different power to collect and amazing game of smashing the in-between planks.

Based on your device accelerometer, here is a neon ball falling down through the planks, just guide it and collect neonions(coins) as much as you can.

We always have heard that rising is difficult and falling is easy but I guess they haven't played this game yet. Don't let your ball to touch the top and collect different and amazing powers to stay at the bottom.

Can be played with single hand, engaging enough to keep you playing anywhere like while traveling in metro's or getting bored while sitting at office desk or even while you are walking.

** Play Daily, Score Daily, Get Ranked World Wide Daily

Game Features:

+ 5 Different balls to play with

+ Score high and let the world know you in global leaderboards

【免費動作App】DropWorld : Rolling Ball Down-APP點子

+ Compete among your friends over facebook

+ Amazing powers to collect

+ Smooth gameplay

+ Nice sounds with ultimate graphics

【免費動作App】DropWorld : Rolling Ball Down-APP點子

+ Play in Neon world

+ More worlds yet to discover

+ With chance to get daily JACKPOT, try your luck with slot machine.

+ Revive your game with different In-game tricks

【免費動作App】DropWorld : Rolling Ball Down-APP點子

+ Play more to score more

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【免費動作App】DropWorld : Rolling Ball Down-APP點子

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