Duke Pride

【免費運動App】Duke Pride-APP點子

The official Duke Pride App puts all of your Whitefish Bay Blue Duke sports information at your fingertips on your mobile device. The mobile application provides a 24/7 multi-platform information source on everything Blue Dukes. Stay up to date with push notifications that provide immediate information. Find out about the latest WFB sports information, read the weekly Blue Duke Activities News, sports calendar, and upcoming events. Post your latest Twitter and Facebook updates. Purchase Spirit Wear. Learn about the sponsors that help support the Duke Pride community. Maps and driving directions. Listen to the WFB fight song. You can even send us a special photo from a WFB sporting event that we can add to the picture gallery.

Duke Pride Features

• All Duke Pride information conveniently located in one spot

【免費運動App】Duke Pride-APP點子

• Email us photos to appear in our photo gallery

• Stay up to date with calendar and event information

【免費運動App】Duke Pride-APP點子

• Purchase Spirit Wear

• Post Twitter and Facebook updates

【免費運動App】Duke Pride-APP點子

• Receive immediate information with push notifications

• Sponsor information, map and driving directions

【免費運動App】Duke Pride-APP點子

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免費玩Duke Pride App

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