Dungeon Spirit RPG

【免費角色扮演App】Dungeon Spirit RPG-APP點子

This game is a first person dungeon crawler in the spirit of old classic RPG games such as Eye of the Beholder and Dungeon Master.

* No ads.

* No in-app purchases

【免費角色扮演App】Dungeon Spirit RPG-APP點子

* Both Movement and combat is real time without pause.

* Four way navigation with 90 degree turns.

【免費角色扮演App】Dungeon Spirit RPG-APP點子

* Select a party with up to 4 heroes.

* Fight monsters with weapons or spells.

【免費角色扮演App】Dungeon Spirit RPG-APP點子

* Search for hidden treasure and equip your heroes.

* 3 difficulty levels.

【免費角色扮演App】Dungeon Spirit RPG-APP點子

* Optional map.

The game can be challenging. If you are new to the genre it is recommended to run on easy. Monsters will be slower to react and their abilities scaled down.

The game saves at fountains and when you exit the game. If all heroes die you can continue from the last save point. There is a hardcore mode where the save is deleted when all heroes die.

A device with fast graphics processor and 1 GB RAM is recommended.

【免費角色扮演App】Dungeon Spirit RPG-APP點子

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