Dunk 4G Browser Free

【免費通訊App】Dunk 4G Browser Free-APP點子

Try one of the world’s fastest browsers for Android. It’s free, secure and customizable for all your browsing needs.

【免費通訊App】Dunk 4G Browser Free-APP點子

✔ Browse fast: Content-heavy webpages with lots of images and graphics load in a snap. We compress data at a blazing speed, so you can enjoy the fastest browser for your device like playing in basketball.

✔ Be social: Dunk 4G Browser Free plays well with others. It works on just about any mobile phone that can connect to the internet!

✔Cloud Protection: All traffic from Dunk 4G app to Dunk 4G server are encrypted, a protection from nearby hackers. It’s safe to use public non-secure WiFi through Dunk 4G, but not safe at all for most browsers.

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