E.R.I.C.A Speedometer

【免費生活App】E.R.I.C.A Speedometer-APP點子

First things first: Pay attention to the road... etc. etc. If you have an accident while using E.R.I.C.A then it is your own fault.


* Classic 80's Digital Styling and User Experience

* Talking computerised assistant

* GPS accurate speed and distance

* Display of device sensor information

* 80's Mini Monitor Display

* Multi-Button Access

* Secret unlock modes and Achievements

With upgrades bought within the app.

* Comical driving instructions

* Intelligent Sensor Responses

* Circuit Display

【免費生活App】E.R.I.C.A Speedometer-APP點子

* Lap Timers

* Weather reports

* HD Module for tablets

E.R.I.C.A is an 80's retro intelligent car accessory. Just like, K.I.T.T., the most famous super car from the 80's TV series Knight Rider, E.R.I.C.A will monitor your journey and provide sensor, speed and location information using your device's in-built GPS. Many features of E.R.I.C.A require GPS and she can stay awake. This will be a battery drain. In car, the use external power is advised.

All basic upgrades will be available in E.R.I.C.A '88 along with HD view for tablets.

David Hasselhoff, James Bond and Doc Emmet Brown will be jealous of your Android device sporting E.R.I.C.A. KITT and Knight Industries could only dream of the technology held in your hand today.

==Upgrade E.R.I.C.A.==

There are NO ADs in Erica, but you can upgrade your experience.

-Basic AI Module

The basic AI module will make your daily car trip a little more entertaining.

-Level 1 AI Module

E.R.I.C.A will monitor its sensors and respond with sensible and not-so-sensible suggestions.

- Lap Recording

Great when you need to time F1, Karting, NASCAR, Indycar, MotoGP, WRC, WSBK, and even your own journeys around town. Simply set E.R.I.C.A into pursuit mode and the monitor display will show you lap-times, providing best and average speed. If you have the level 1 AI Module, she will even keep you focussed on the road as she comments on your achievements.

-Weather Module

With access to the internet, E.R.I.C.A can download local weather information and provide these to you on the monitor display. With the Level 1 AI Module she will tell you how the weather might change.

- HD Module

【免費生活App】E.R.I.C.A Speedometer-APP點子

If you plan to use E.R.I.C.A on your large screen tablet device, you will need this module. She will make use of more of your display when it is available.

【免費生活App】E.R.I.C.A Speedometer-APP點子

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