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【免費交通運輸App】E85 or Gas Free-APP點子

Do you, like me, always stand in front of the gas pump wondering what the best deal is? - to get E85 or regular gas?

Then this is the app for you! Quick and easy you enter the current gas- and E85-price. Then, with a key press, the app calculates the most cost-effective option based on your measured average milage/consumption for the both fuel-types. It also presents the cost per mile/km for both fuel-types and how much you save - of course in your local currency worldwide.

You can save money depending on your vehicle’s mileage/consumption of the different fuel-types and the price relation between them. First the consumption: E85 has approximately 30% less energy, but a 30% mileage/consumption difference is not valid for most cars. Also, your driving skills and the way the car is used (for example mostly in the city) is an important factor. So, make sure you have a good value of your vehicle’s fuel mileage/consumption that represents how you use it. Then the price: Ethanol prices fluctuate on a different cycle than gasoline, meaning that ethanol is sometimes more than 30% cheaper but sometimes not. E85 or Gas will let you know if the price difference is enough to offset the difference in fuel mileage/consumption.

Note! This feature is only available in the full version!

E85 or Gas also features a "Fuel Consumption/Economy Manager". With the manager you can keep track of your vehicle’s fuel mileage/consumption under different conditions, for example urban or city. Any number of stored values can then be used to calculate an average that automagically will be inserted in the calculator. An important feature is that you can choose which values that shall be included in the average. This makes it possible to adapt the average value to the future use of your car, e.g. if you after refueling will drive mostly in an urban environment you would select only urban fuel mileages/consumptions. Another good use case is where you create your own unique combined fuel mileage/consumption value, for example four city-recorded values, two extra urban-recorded values and one highway-recorded value.


【免費交通運輸App】E85 or Gas Free-APP點子


* US units: mile, gallon, MPG

* EU units: km, litre, l/100km

【免費交通運輸App】E85 or Gas Free-APP點子

* SE units: mil, liter, l/100km

* Local (your country) currency

* Fuel Consumption/Economy Manager - a tool to get a realistic fuel consumption/mileage value (Only full version)

【免費交通運輸App】E85 or Gas Free-APP點子

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【免費交通運輸App】E85 or Gas Free-APP點子

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