ELANE.NET Weight Converter

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An excellent Weight Conversion Calculator to easily convert units of mass.

Just type in a value in the box labeled with the appropriate unit and it will display the corresponding values. Tap any of the text boxes to clear and start a new conversion. It's that easy.

The ELANE Bluetooth scale can be bought in ebay or direct from Elane Electronics.

Functions include: Scale calibration, Tare, Hold, Zero, gr/oz switch.

About Elane Electronics:

We are the leading manufacturer and designer of postage computing scales, postal weighing scales, digital scales,

【免費工具App】ELANE.NET Weight Converter-APP點子

specialized scales, and other scale products. We also design

scales and software according to customer's needs and specifications. We can make any scale together with its software that will suit your needs and specifications.

We build high quality and excellent scales at reasonable prices.

We are ISO certified.

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Visit us at http://www.elane.net/android

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